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There’s a level of trust and quality that is needed to ensure you get value for money and a range of cleaning services from a team you can rely on. We genuinely work hard to make your home or office as clean and pleasant as can be and hope that you feel the same way.

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Wholesome Cleaners Testimonials

Dean and Grace approached me to offer their cleaning services when our new office opened in Glasgow city centre a few years ago. Their level of service is exceptional and detailed and offer excellent levels of communications. They’re a flexible team who are easy to work with and we do indeed trust them and as such can only recommend them.

Mr Robb, Glasgow City Centre.

My schedule is fairly hectic and means that I am often not at home until late. It became evident, let’s say, that I needed some assistance to take some of the strain out of the housework. I was offered Wholesome Cleaners’ phone number from a friend and absolutely value their cleaning service - especially around my (also) hectic kitchen!

Ms Jamieson, Baljaffray, Glasgow